Simen Saegrov

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Sports analytics is a growing area of interest, both from a computer system view to manage the technical challenges and from a sport performance view to aid the development of athletes. In this paper, we present Bagadus, a prototype of a sports analytics application using soccer as a case study. Bagadus integrates a sensor system, a soccer analytics(More)
In this demo, we present Bagadus, a prototype of a soccer analysis application which integrates a sensor system, soccer analytics annotations and video processing of a video camera array. The prototype is currently installed at Alfheim Stadium in Norway, and we demonstrate how the system can follow and zoom in on particular player(s), and playout events(More)
We show in this poster that we have been able to create a panoramic stitcher pipeline for generating a video stream in real­time by use of NVIDIA GPUs. We can now continue focusing on the next steps of the system, knowing that the performance of the system is adequate for now. Future works include adding a color correction module to the pipeline, as well as(More)
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