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A complete list of this memo-series is available in a PDF® format at: Abstract We develop a new indicator of labour market tightness, based on the pure calendar time changes in individuals' transition rates from unemployment to employment. Based on Norwegian register data from the 1989-2002 period, we show that this indicator , in contrast to the aggregate(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o JEL classifications: C14 C15 C41 J64 J65 J68 Keywords: Multivariate hazards Job search Job quality Timing-of-events NPMLE MMPH We examine the impacts of time-limited unemployment insurance (UI) and active labor market programs (ALMP) on the duration and outcome of job search in Norway. We use a comprehensive simultaneous equations(More)
Here is a proof for the demeaning method used in lfe, and a description of the methods used for solving the residual equations. As well as a toy-example. This is a preliminary version of [3]. This method, formulated as the Gauss-Seidel algorithm, was noted in [4] without the author noticing it in the first version of this paper.
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