Sime Arsenovski

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The electronic way of learning and communicating with students offers a lot of advantages that can be achieved through different solutions. Among them, the most popular approach is the use of a learning management system. Teachers and students do not have the possibility to use all of the available learning system tools and modules. Even for modules that(More)
Performance of shared memory processors show negative performance impulses (drawbacks) in certain regions for execution of the basic matrix multiplication algorithm. In this paper we continue with analysis of GPU memory hierarchy and corresponding cache memory organization. We give a theoretical analysis why a negative performance impulse appears for(More)
The newest GPU Kepler architecture offers a reconfigurable L1 cache per Streaming Multiprocessor with different cache size and cache associativity. Both these cache parameters affect the overall performance of cache intensive algorithms, i.e. the algorithms which intensively reuse the data. In this paper, we analyze the impact of different configurations of(More)
— In this paper a method for speech quality evaluation of TTS system is presented and its usability is assessed. The ITU-T P.563 is used as a reference-free objective measurement method for speech sequences synthesized by concatenative TTS system. The method was examined and the achieved results were compared to those measured by subjective auditory tests(More)
GPU devices offer great performance when dealing with algorithms that require intense computational resources. A developer can configure the L1 cache memory of the latest GPU Kepler architecture with different cache size and cache set associativity, per Streaming Multiprocessors (SM). The performance of the computation intensive algorithms can be affected(More)
This paper deals with basic principles for projecting and building of speech synthesizer for Macedonian language, based on concatenation of speech segments. The structure of general speech synthesis system is described and there are details about the specific features of Macedonian language important for the speech synthesis, like sound and vowel system and(More)
This paper deals with the acknowledgements for data modeling of the educational content objects according to SCORM specifications and their use in additional educational functionalities, like e-testing systems. There is also a description of a prototype of learning management system which manages educational content objects according to the described data(More)
In the existing literature for Information-Centric Networking (ICN) architectures improvement metrics are well researched and studied including the cache hit rate, origin server load reduction, and the reduction in the overall network footprint [1]. Metrics could be optimized using various aspects of caching including the content placement to make a(More)
This paper presents a concept of platoon movement of autonomous vehicles (smart cars). To be able to do research to the stability of an AGV string, a car-following model is being determined. To do this, first a single vehicle is modeled and since all cars in the platoon have the same dynamics, the single vehicle model is copied ten times. To control this(More)