Simarjeet Negi

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LocSigDB ( is a manually curated database of experimental protein localization signals for eight distinct subcellular locations; primarily in a eukaryotic cell with brief coverage of bacterial proteins. Proteins must be localized at their appropriate subcellular compartment to perform their desired function. Mislocalization(More)
Obesity is now a worldwide epidemic disease and poses a major risk for diet related diseases like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke and fatty liver among others. In the present study we employed the murine model of diet-induced obesity to determine the early, tissue-specific, gene expression signatures that characterized progression to obesity(More)
Brain function is governed by precise regulation of gene expression across its anatomically distinct structures; however, the expression patterns of genes across hundreds of brain structures are not clearly understood. Here, we describe a gene expression model, which is representative of the healthy human brain transcriptome by using data from the Allen(More)
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