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Data Mining is defined as the process of applying specific algorithms for extracting patterns from data. Data mining strategies can be grouped into Classification, Prediction, Estimation, Association Rule Mining and Clustering. Satellite images are used these days. With the help of high resolution image we can extract the features of an image. There are(More)
The signatures are one of the ways to identify the signer. Signature recognition is the process of verifying the person’s identity by checking their signature with the signatures which are stored in the database. This process is of two types: offline and online. This paper deals with the offline technique. This technique recognizes the person whether he/she(More)
Over the use of Internet, digital watermarking provides the protection for multimedia data. In the contemporary days, misuse of multimedia data is done at a huge level and encryption of the sensitive data flowing through the network or Internet is one of the most important factors for the copyright issues. So, in order to save the information from being(More)
In the applying based WSNs issue, energy and bandwidth of those items are respected strategies and essential to obtain proficiently. Information collected at the base station by distinct nodes sparks the excess of information which effects in optimum energy usage. To reduce this dilemma a whole new data aggregation method has been in the offing called(More)
The extreme use of mobile phones has magnified the quantity of digital knowledge created and processed on a daily basis. Participatory Sensing (PS) is associated paradigm that focuses on the collection of digital knowledge created from an oversized variety of connected, always-on, alwayscarried mobile devices. PS takes the advantage of fast movement of the(More)
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