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Deeply inserted, nonpalpable contraceptive implants can often be removed easily using 6-8 cm3 of 1% lidocaine and a single 1 cm incision. There is no need for suturing of the incision. The location of nonpalpable implants not retrieved by this procedure can be determined by a plain, soft tissue x-ray (standard AP and lateral and internal oblique; 45-55 kVP)(More)
Norplant implants were removed from fifty (50) patients using a modified approach to Norplant implant removal (Emory Method). Eighty-eight percent (88%) of the removals were accomplished in less than 10 minutes using this technique. The average time for removal of Norplant implants from 50 women included in the current study was 8 minutes. The Emory Method(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the use, effectiveness, acceptability, and continuation rates of the copper T 380 A intrauterine device (IUD) among women attending an inner-city family planning clinic. DESIGN A 1-year prospective cohort study. SETTING The family planning clinic of Grady Memorial Hospital, which serves the inner-city indigent population of Fulton(More)
Radio-frequency identification (RFID) poses a number of research challenges, such as interference mitigation, throughput optimization and security over the RF channel. A number of new approaches to address these issues have been proposed recently, but due to the highly integrated nature of passive RFID tags, it is difficult to evaluate them in real-world(More)
Norplant implants can be removed easily, if inserted properly. When they are inserted deeply and can not be palpated, or if they are located close to the neurovascular structures of the upper arm, radiological guidance may be needed to locate and remove the implants without causing injury to the surrounding vital structures. Digital subtraction fluoroscopic(More)
Injury to major neurovascular structures of the upper arm is a complication to be kept in mind, especially during difficult levonorgestrel implant removal. The risk of such an injury may be higher if the implants are inserted deeply over the brachial groove, where four major structures, namely, the basilic vein, the ulnar and median nerves, and the brachial(More)
The Norplant contraceptive implant system is a commonly used method of contraception worldwide. Implant placement and removal are usually simple office-based outpatient procedures. Norplant removal can occasionally become difficult, usually secondary to improper insertion. In these instances, we describe a method of Norplant removal that can easily be(More)
Norplant is a safe, effective contraceptive which is associated with long continuation rates. However, the problem of irregular bleeding causes many women to request removal of the implants. This situation can be ameliorated if women are properly counseled and advised to avoid the contraceptive implant if an altered pattern of bleeding will likely be(More)