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BACKGROUND With the change in population policy from birth control toward encouraging birth and population growth in Iran, repeated cesarean deliveries as a main reason of cesarean section are associated with more potential adverse consequences. The aim of this research was to explore effective strategies to reduce cesarean delivery rates in Iran. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND Although most of maternal deaths are preventable, maternal mortality reduction programs have not been completely successful. As targeting individuals alone does not seem to be an effective strategy to reduce maternal mortality (Millennium Development Goal 5), the present study sought to reveal the role of many distant macrostructural factors(More)
BACKGROUND In different studies, the prevalence of tobacco consumption has been growing in high schools boys. OBJECTIVES This study was conducted to determine the prevalence of smoking and its related factors among Iranian high school students in 2011. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this cross-sectional study, 450 male students from 15 high schools of(More)
The Childhood and Adolescence Surveillance and PreventIon of Adult Non-communicable disease (CASPIAN) study is implemented in the Islamic Republic of Iran from 2003. The aim of this national school- based surveillance program was to provide accurate data of regular surveys of this program to be reviewing methodology, protocols, data collection and(More)
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