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Lack of appropriate human resources planning is an important factor in the inefficient use of the public health facilities. Workforce projections can be improved by using objective methods of staffing needs based on the workload and actual work undertaken by workers, a guideline developed by Peter J. Shipp in collaboration with WHO-Workload Indicators of(More)
An observational study was carried out among the adolescents in Diara village, Singur block, Hoogly district, West Bengal. The total adolescent population was nearly 450 out of the total population of 2252, that is approximately 20%. Of them, 25% were studied by selecting through simple random sampling from a suitable sample frame and interviewing with a(More)
OBJECTIVE Communicable diseases continue to be a major problem in India, a large number of which can be prevented by health education, targeting specially the deficiencies and for which a baseline assessment is essential. METHODS This observational study included OPD patients who were selected by random sampling and interviewed. The age range varied from(More)
BACKGROUND The 'papad-making' industries of India have provided ample opportunity of employment for the women workers of low socio-economic class although their problems are not much explored. In this study an attempt had been made for the same. AIMS 1. To find out the health status of the women. 2. To find out the factors, in the working conditions,(More)
A potentially symmetrical NNN pyrrolido-functionalized pincer ligand, HL = 2,5-bis(phenylazo)-1H-pyrrole, reacts with [Rh(I)Cl(PPh3)3] in toluene in the presence of air, affording an emerald crystalline solid of the composition [Rh(III)(L(O))Cl(PPh3)2]. A spontaneous C-H oxyfunctionalization of the aromatic ring with atmospheric oxygen leads to phenoxido(More)
BACKGROUND Low birth weight (birth weight<2500 g) is one of the major determinants of neonatal morbidity as well as mortality and these are known to be significantly higher in these infants. OBJECTIVE To study the morbidity pattern of low-birth-weight (LBW) infants in an urban slum in Kolkata, India. MATERIALS AND METHODS A follow-up community-based(More)
The hydrogen bonded bis azo-oximato [IrCl2(L(NOH))(L(NO))] 2 and its deprotonated form (Et3NH)[IrCl2(L(NO))2] (Et3NH)(+)3(-) have been isolated in the crystalline state by a facile synthetic method. The azo-oxime frameworks in 3(-) have been conveniently transformed to the azo-imine by reduction with NaBH4 or ascorbic acid. Notably, the coordinated(More)
An attractive methodology, single-electron transfer (SET) reductive cleavage of the C-S bond mediated by a metal in the presence of the external stimuli PPh3, has been applied to the kinetically inert IrCl3 in order to synthesize the thiolato complex [Ir(III)(L(S))Cl(PPh3)2] 3 from precursor thioether complexes [Ir(III)(L(SR))Cl2(PPh3)] (R = alkyl) 2. The(More)