Sima Haddadpour

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[{Mn(tmeda)}(3){GeSe(3)(OMe)}(2)] (), synthesized by the reaction of [K(4)(H(2)O)(3)][Ge(2)Se(6)] with MnCl(2).4H(2)O in MeOH-tmeda (tmeda = N,N,N',N'-tetramethyl-1,2-diaminoethane), exhibits an isosceles triangular arrangement of Mn(2+) ions that are antiferromagnetically coupled with an S = 3/2 ground state.
Syntheses, structures, and physical properties of three inorganic framework compounds [K(2)(H(2)O)(3)][MnGe(4)Se(10)] (1), (NMe(4))(2)[MnSn(4)Se(10)] (2), and (NMe(4))(2)[FeSn(4)Se(10)] (3) are presented. The title compounds are based on a prominent open framework anionic structure; in these cases, however, they contain K(+), the smallest type of counterion(More)
The reactions of bis- and tris(tert-butylethynyl)benzenes with dialkylgallium hydrides afforded two different types of products. 1,4-Di(tert-butylethynyl)benzene and dialkylgallium hydrides R(2)GaH bearing relatively small substituents (R = Et, nPr) gave the expected addition products with each C triple bond C triple bond inserted into a Ga-H bond. The(More)
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