Silviu-Iulian Niculescu

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We study the stability of a linear system with a pointwise, time-varying delay. We assume that the delay varies around a nominal value in a deterministic way and investigate the influence of this variation on stability. More precisely we are interested in characterizing situations where the time-varying delay system is stable, whereas the system with(More)
The problem of globally asymptotically stabilizing by bounded feedback an oscillator with an arbitrary large delay in the input is solved. A first solution follows from a general result on the global stabilization of null controllable linear systems with delay in the input by bounded control laws with a distributed term. Next, it is shown through a Lyapunov(More)
In studying the stability of time delay systems, many published results use a transformation to transform a system with single time delay to a system with distributed delay. In this article, the inherent limitations of such approaches are studied. Specifically, it is shown that such a transformation incurs additional dynamics that can be characterized by(More)
Abstract. This paper focuses on consensus problems for a class of linear systems with distributed delay that are encountered in modeling traffic flow dynamics. The distributed delay, whose kernel is a gamma-distribution with a gap, represents the human drivers’ behavior in the average. The aim of the paper is to give a characterization of the regions in the(More)
The control of physical systems in the presence of time-delays becomes particularly challenging when parametric uncertainties are present. To cope with these ubiquitous uncertainties, we propose an adaptive controller in this paper that can accommodate both a time-delay and parametric uncertainties. The controller includes (a) a control architecture that is(More)
This note addresses the output feedback stabilization problem of a chain of integrators using multiple delays. We shall prove that either distinct delays or a proportional+delay compensator with 1 distinct delays are sufficient to stabilize a chain including integrators.We present two different approaches. Both are constructive and rely on frequency-domain(More)
One of the important issues in networked control systems is the appropriate handling of the nonlinearities arising from uncertain time-varying delays. In this paper, using the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, we develop a novel method for creating discrete-time models of linear systems with time-varying input delays based on polytopic inclusions. The proposed(More)