Silviu Ioan Bejinariu

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Medical imaging mainly treats and processes missing, ambiguous , complementary, redundant and distorted data. Biomedical image registration is the process of geometric overlaying or alignment of two or more 2D/3D images of the same scene, taken at different time slots, from different angles, and/or by different acquisition systems. In medical practice, it(More)
Early breast cancer diagnosis becomes a must in nowadays society, related to the fact that this osteophyl neoplasia is the most frequent cancer in the world. The environment, solar radiations, weather changes, the increasing number of endocrine modifications, iatrogen agression, stress, or even fashion, have undoubtful effects on women's breasts health,(More)
Image Registration (IR) is an optimization problem computing optimal parameters of a geometric transform used to overlay one or more source images to a given model by maximizing a similarity measure. In this paper the use of bio-inspired optimization algorithms in image registration is analyzed. Results obtained by means of three different algorithms are(More)
An enhancement method of the multifocus images fusion result is proposed. It is a two step approach: first a classic fusion method is applied and a fusion map is built, indicating the weight of each input image in the fusion process. The fusion map is a binary or gray level image. In a second step, because it is noisy, this image is filtered. The fused(More)
Microwave employment in cancer detection is a new noninvasive technique meant to uncover very early tumor cells in breast tissue. Medical microwave imagistic in breast cancer detection implies special processing and fuzzy procedures to display the temperature map and to highlight the inner structure atypical development. Our research regards a practical(More)
The paper proposes a 3D reconstruction technique suitable in robot vision applications, based on the correspondence of image features established at a training step and the same image features extracted at the execution step. The result is a Euclidean transform to be used by robot head for reorientation at execution step. A closed form solution is proposed(More)