Silvio Sinedino Pinheiro

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We describe the computational characteristics of the Kirchhoff prestack seismic migration currently used in daily production runs at Petrobras and its port to novel architectures. Fully developed in house, this portable and fault tolerant application has high sequential and parallel efficiency, with parallel scalability tested up to 8192 processors on the(More)
We discuss the performance of Petrobras production Kirchhoff prestack seismic migration on a cluster of 64 GPUs and 256 CPU cores. Porting and optimization of the application hot spot (98.2% of a single CPU core execution time) to a single GPU reduces total execution time by a factor of 36 on a control run. We then argue against the usual practice of(More)
In this paper, we discuss the porting strategy and the achieved performance of Petrobras production code that implements Kirchhoff prestack time and depth seismic migration algorithms on a cluster of 64 GPUs and 256 CPU cores. The time migration of a real-world survey was 20 times faster in the full cluster with GPUs than in the full cluster without GPUs.(More)
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