Silvio Jorge

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With the popularization of the high spatial resolution images of commercial satellites several applications of remote sensing intended for urban tracking has been developed. These images of high spatial resolution generally have limited spectral information. Meanwhile, the main hyperspectrals images available have high spectral resolution and, in return,(More)
In this work, a novel enzymatic biosensor for determination of nitrites constructed on an electrochemical transducing platform is proposed. The sensor is based on cytochrome-cd(1) (cyt-cd(1)) nitrite reductase from Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus strain 617 as biological recognition element, and its putative physiological redox partner cytochrome-c(552)(More)
We present expressions that allow the determination of the structural and thermodynamic properties of a polydisperse liquid mixture in contact with a polydisperse matrix; polydispersity of the fluid and of the matrix are described by distribution functions ff ( ) and fm ( ), where and characterize the size of the fluid and of the matrix particles. The(More)
A simple model of glass-forming liquid modeled via Dzugutov's pair potential is studied by means of the triplet hypernetted chain approximation as formulated by Attard [P. Attard, J. Chem. Phys. 93, 7301 (1990)]. This system, which is known to be mostly dominated by microscopic icosahedral ordering, eludes a correct description in terms of classical(More)
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