Silvio Ferreira

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This paper describes a mobile device which tries to give the blind or visually impaired access to text information. Three key technologies are required for this system: text detection, optical character recognition, and speech synthesis. Blind users and the mobile environment imply two strong constraints. First, pictures will be taken without control on(More)
A handheld PDA-based system is being developed to help blind people in their daily tasks. The design combines in a continuous process Users' involvement and Engineers' effort. This interaction is made efficient thanks to a specialist able to communicate with both parties and to extract useful knowledge for them. The system can be viewed as a main loop(More)
This paper describes an embedded device designed to provide textual information to the blind or visually impaired. For them, all that information, which exists in the daily life as banknotes, schedule of train, books, postal letters, is not easily accessible. The main aim of this system is to build an automatic text reading assistant which combines(More)
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