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— A new reconfigurable multi band microstrip antenna is presented in this paper. The patch has the shape of a 6 armed star printed on a hexagonal substrate. The reconfigurability of the antenna is obtained by inserting small switches on rectangular slots cut in the patch. Different switch configurations were investigated and different functionalities of the(More)
The estimation of the spectrum usage from the point of view of number of users and modulation types is addressed in this paper. The techniques used here are based on Support Vector Machines (SVM). SVMs are machine learning strategies which use a robust cost function alternative to the widely used Least Squares function and that apply a regularization which(More)
This paper discusses design, manufacture, and control concepts for antennas that employ programmable features. ABSTRACT | The advancement in wireless communications requires the integration of multiple radios into a single platform to maximize connectivity. In this paper, the design process of reconfigurable antennas is discussed. Reconfigurable antennas(More)
² I n or der for futur e engineer ing systems to function in increasingly complex envir onments in a r obust and r esilient fashion, they must be able to anticipate thr eats or oppor tunities, to discover their state and mode of oper ation in r eal time, and to autonomously r econfigur e themselves to take advantage of the oppor tunities or r eact to(More)
This paper addresses the functional reliability and the complexity of reconfigurable antennas using graph models. The correlation between complexity and reliability for any given reconfigurable antenna is defined. Two methods are proposed to reduce failures and improve the reliability of reconfigurable antennas. The failures are caused by the(More)
— In this paper, two designs of an ultra-wideband antenna with reconfigurable band notches are presented. The first design is based on several nested complementary split-ring resonators, whereas the second has two identical split-ring resonators. Electronic switches mounted across or along these resonators serve to activate or deactivate their corresponding(More)
This work reports the development of a simple, low-profile and ultra-wideband printed antenna. The proposed antenna is based on a truncated ground plane and an impedance matching structure formed by a round junction and two chamfers. These modifications significantly increase the antenna frequency bandwidth compared to conventional microstrip antennas and(More)