Silvio De Angelis

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[1] Exogenous growth of Peléean lava domes involves the addition of lava from a central summit vent and mass wasting on the flanks as rockfalls and pyroclastic flows. These processes were investigated at the Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat, between 30 March and 10 April 2006, using a ground-based imaging millimeter-wave radar, AVTIS, to measure the(More)
The Seismic Research Centre, University of the West Indies operates a seismic network that performs suboptimally in detecting, locating , and correctly determining the magnitude of earthquakes due to a diverse constituion of seismometers and the utilization of a site selection process that approximates an educated guess. My work seeks to apply(More)
Rhythmic seismicity associated with spine ex-trusion is a well-documented phenomenon at a number of dome-forming volcanic systems. At Unzen volcano, Japan, a 4-year dome-forming eruption concluded with the emplace-ment of a spine from October 1994 to February 1995, offering a valuable opportunity to further investigate seismo-genic processes at dome-forming(More)
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