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We use 2005–2009 satellite observations of formaldehyde (HCHO) columns from the OMI instrument to infer biogenic isoprene emissions at monthly 1 × 1 • resolution over the African continent. Our work includes new approaches to remove biomass burning influences using OMI absorbing aerosol optical depth data (to account for transport of fire plumes) and(More)
[1] Traditionally the Earth's reflectance has been assumed to be roughly constant, but large decadal variability, not reproduced by current climate models, has been reported lately from a variety of sources. We compare here the available data sets related to Earth's reflectance, in order to assess the observational constraints on the models. We find a(More)
aBsTracT a decapod crustacean fauna of Tierra del fuego, argentina, is documented from the middle Miocene carmen silva formation and the early? Miocene cerro Águila conglomerate of the cabo Domingo group. Three new genera and five new species are named: Asthenognathus australen-Tierrapilumnus edseli, new genus and species. compilation of all described(More)