Silvio C. Rodrigues

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Erosion reduces soil productivity and causes negative downstream impacts. Erosion processes occur on areas with erodible soils and sloping terrain when high-intensity rainfall coincides with limited vegetation cover. Timing of erosion events has implications on the selection of satellite imagery, used to describe spatial patterns of protective vegetation(More)
Regional assessment of soil erosion is an important step in the conservation of natural resources. A general problem is the availability of accurate regional data, especially in tropical regions. SAR imagery can play a role through direct detection of erosion features and the assessment of factors controlling erosion. This study presents preliminary results(More)
The present study deals with the inter-relations in the relief which forms the Bacia do Alto Rio Paraguay (BAP) in mid-west Brazil. The overall aim is to discuss the relationship between relief forms and the biodiversity of the Pantanal. The BAP is a natural environmental system with contrasts in two of the compartments on which it is formed: the plateau,(More)
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