Silvio Becher

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The trend towards renewable, decentralized, and highly fluctuating energy suppliers (e.g. photovoltaic, wind power, CHP) introduces a tremendous burden on the stability of future power grids. By adding sophisticated ICT and intelligent devices, various Smart Grid initiatives work on concepts for intelligent power meters, peak load reductions, efficient(More)
Myocardial necrosis triggers inflammatory changes and a complex cytokine cascade that are only incompletely understood. The chemokine receptor CCR1 mediates inflammatory recruitment in response to several ligands released by activated platelets and up-regulated after myocardial infarction (MI). Here, we assess the effect of CCR1 on remodelling after MI(More)
During an one-hour lecture 277 pupils between 16 and 25 years of age, were questioned about their hearing behaviour and instructed in the consequences of hearing impairment resulting from listening to loud music. Furthermore audiometrics were offered and there was possibility to measure the loudness of the walkman used. A majority visited "discos" and/or(More)
In this paper, a strategy framework for coordinating decentralized autonomous agents is presented and applied within a smart energy grid. The framework brings together the concept of policy-based computing and market-based coordination. In this context, agents can be seen as self-interested entities that are governed by their local policies. Efficient(More)
We present measurements of the recoil proton polarization for the d(gamma-->,p-->)n reaction at straight theta(c.m.) = 90 degrees for photon energies up to 2.4 GeV. These are the first data in this reaction for polarization transfer with circularly polarized photons. The induced polarization p(y) vanishes above 1 GeV, contrary to meson-baryon model(More)
Location Based Services eröffnen die Möglichkeit neuartiger, individu-ell auf den Nutzer abgestimmter Dienste. Gleichzeitig stellen sie die herkömmli-chen datenschutzrechtlichen Konzepte zum Schutz der informationellen Selbstbe-stimmung vor eine neue Herausforderung. Der folgende Beitrag stellt am Beispiel eines mobilen Touristenführers dar, wie sich durch(More)
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