Silvian Calman

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Pointer analysis is a critical problem in optimizing compiler, parallelizing compiler, software engineering and most recently, hardware synthesis. While recent efforts have suggested symbolic method, which uses Bryant's Binary Decision Diagram as an alternative to capture the point-to relation, no speed advantage has been demonstrated for(More)
One of the bottlenecks in the recent movement of hardware synthesis from behavioral C programs is the difficulty in reasoning about runtime pointer values at compile time. The pointer analysis problem has been investigated in the compiler community for two decades and has yielded efficient, polynomial time algorithms for context-insensitive (CI) analysis.(More)
While intraprocedural Static Single Assignment (SSA) is ubiquitous in modern compilers, the use of interprocedural SSA, although seemingly a natural extension, is limited. We find that part of the impediment is due to the narrow scope of variables handled by previously reported approaches, leading to limited benefits in optimization. In this study, we(More)
The induction variable analysis is a fundamental component of loop optimizations in compilers. Algorithms in literature and implementations in free-source compilers such as GCC and LLVM rely on SSA form IR. However, only the uses of scalar stack variables whose address is not taken are replaced with a single definition in the SSA form IR. In this paper, we(More)
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