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The induction by diethylsulphate of micronuclei derived from acentric fragments or from whole chromosomes was studied in Chinese hamster V79 cells using autoantibodies from the serum of a scleroderma patient (CREST-syndrome) to detect centromere--kinetochore structures. Centromere-containing micronuclei appeared early after treatment and plateaued both(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE We have previously reported on a complex chromosome rearrangement [der(17)] in a B-cell line, BRG A, established from an AIDS patient with Burkitt's lymphoma (BL). The aim of the present study was the definition of der(17) composition and the identification of complete or partial chromosome gains and losses in two cell clones (BRG A(More)
The effects of DNA substitution by the thymidine analogue 5-bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) on cell cycle progression and micronucleus induction were studied in different mammalian cell cultures. Simultaneous flow cytometric measurements of DNA content and side scatter of nuclei in Chinese hamster embryo (CHE) cells revealed a concentration-dependent temporary(More)
Ten compounds selected for use within a coordinated Commission of the European Communities programme on aneuploidy induction (cadmium chloride, chloral hydrate, colchicine, diazepam, econazole, hydroquinone, pyrimethamine, thiabendazole, thimerosal and vinblastine) were tested for their ability to induce CREST-positive micronuclei in cultured human diploid(More)
An improved flow cytometric method for the scoring of micronuclei in human lymphocytes irradiated in vitro is presented. Because, especially in cultivated human lymphocytes, unspecific DNA-containing debris from dying cells can influence the measured frequency of micronuclei, a preselection of CD2 + population was performed before preparation of the(More)
The majority of splenic marginal zone lymphoma (SMZL) patients experience an indolent clinical course; however, some cases transform to a high-grade lymphoma. Cytogenetic analyses have shown that chromosome 7 is the most frequently altered chromosome and, in some cases, 7q deletion has been found as a single aberration, suggesting its association with the(More)
Exposure of freshly drawn lymphocytes and lymphoblastoid cells (LB and COR3) to simulated microgravity decreased the intracellular ATP concentration to 50%-40% of the value found in normal growth conditions. The decrease was reversible although recovery to normal values occurred only slowly both in lymphocytes and in lymphoblastoid cells. Poly(ADP-ribose)(More)
Structural changes of double stranded DNA in aqueous solution induced by ionizing radiation were studied by Fourier-Transform-Raman spectroscopy. In addition to base damage, strand breaks, structural changes, i.e. unstacking of the bases, premelting effects and disordering of the B-form backbone could be observed. The amount of these different kinds of(More)