Silvia Velasco

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Direct cell programming via overexpression of transcription factors (TFs) aims to control cell fate with the degree of precision needed for clinical applications. However, the regulatory steps involved in successful terminal cell fate programming remain obscure. We have investigated the underlying mechanisms by looking at gene expression, chromatin states,(More)
We report the discovery of a super-Earth orbiting the star GJ 536 based on the analysis of the radial-velocity time series from the HARPS and HARPS-N spectrographs. GJ 536 b is a planet with a minimum mass M sin i of 5.36 ± 0.69 M ⊕ with an orbital period of 8.7076 ± 0.0025 days at a distance of 0.066610(13) AU, and an orbit that is consistent with(More)
We examine the microscopic structure of a hard-sphere fluid confined to a small cylindrical pore by means of Monte Carlo simulation. In order to analyze finite-size effects, the simulations are carried out in the framework of different statistical mechanics ensembles. We find that the size effects are specially relevant in the canonical ensemble where(More)
Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) are synthetic mimics of DNA in which the sugar-phosphate backbone has been replaced by a pseudopeptide skeleton. These molecules bind to complementary DNA and RNA sequences with high affinity and specificity, forming complexes with extraordinary chemical and biological stability. First described in 1991, PNAs have received great(More)
We present a density functional theory for inhomogeneous fluids at constant external pressure. The theory is formulated for a volume-dependent density, n(r,V), defined as the conjugate variable of a generalized external potential, nu(r,V), that conveys the information on the pressure. An exact expression for the isothermal-isobaric free-energy density(More)
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