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The sustainable management of water resources plays a key role in Mediterranean viticulture, characterized by scarcity and competition of available water. This study focuses on estimating the evapotranspiration and crop coefficients of table grapes vineyards trained on overhead “tendone” systems in the Apulia region (Italy). Maximum vineyard transpiration(More)
In the context of environmental sustainability there has been an increasing interest in bioenergy production from renewable resources, and is expected that European biofuel production from energy crops will increase as a consequence of the achievement of policy targets. The aim of this paper is to assess the agronomic feasibility of biomass crop cultivation(More)
Agriculture is the largest user of water on the planet with a 70% of all freshwater withdrawals. Today the growing scarcity and competition for water among agricultural, industrial, commercial and residential sectors are pushing the water managers to allocate water more efficiently. In this scenario the use of methodologies and tools for better monitor and(More)
Agriculture plays a key role in the management of water use. Especially in Greece, irrigation is an essential element of agricultural production and agricultural water use has a substantial share in total water use. The presented study illustrates the key features of the IRMA_SYSTEM, a regional, user-friendly computer/mobile-based, open and free modular(More)
The use of foreign workers in Italian agriculture is well established phenomenon from different motivation and the many implications and consequences. The estimates made by INEA through a dedicated research of twenty-year historical series, were up nearly constant from about 23,000 units in 1989 to 190,000 today. Numbers of this magnitude, combined with(More)
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