Silvia Tarantino

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INTRODUCTION Senescence of peritoneal mesothelial cells represents a biological program defined by arrested cell growth and altered cell secretory phenotype with potential impact in peritoneal dialysis. This study aims to characterize cellular senescence at the level of global protein expression profiles and modification of proteins with O-linked(More)
Peritoneal dialysis effluent (PDE) represents a rich pool of potential biomarkers for monitoring disease and therapy. Until now, proteomic studies have been hindered by the plasma-like composition of the PDE. Beads covered with a peptide library are a promising approach to remove high abundant proteins and concentrate the sample in one step. In this study,(More)
Recent research suggests that cytoprotective responses, such as expression of heat-shock proteins, might be inadequately induced in mesothelial cells by heat-sterilized peritoneal dialysis (PD) fluids. This study compares transcriptome data and multiple protein expression profiles for providing new insight into regulatory mechanisms. Two-dimensional(More)
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