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—Information Retrieval (IR) techniques have gained widespread acceptance as a method for automating traceabil-ity recovery. These techniques recover links between software artifacts based on their textual similarity, i.e., the higher the similarity, the higher the likelihood that there is a link between the two artifacts. A common problem with all IR-based(More)
Implementation of scheduling systems often fails due in part to an oversimplification of reality. Additionally, high implementation costs are derived from the lack of separation between the plant model and the scheduling algorithms. The proposed modeling engine addresses this problem by enabling the analyst to define high-level plant elements. Some of the(More)
GOLD (Graph Oriented Language) is a general purpose programming language with mathematical notations and a pseudocode-like syntax for defining and manipulating graphs and other high-level data structures such as sets, trees, and automata. Its syntax was inspired by the one used in classic algorithms textbooks. It allows set comprehensions, quantified(More)
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