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Evaluating the security of one-way key chains in TESLA-based GNSS Navigation Message Authentication schemes
In the proposals for Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) Navigation Message Authentication (NMA) that are based on adapting the Timed Efficient Stream Loss-Tolerant Authentication (TESLA) protocol, the length of the one-time keys is limited (e.g. to 80 bits) by the low transmission rate. Expand
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Authentication Concepts for Satellite-Based Augmentation Systems
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A key management architecture for GNSS open service Navigation Message Authentication
Navigation Message Authentication (NMA) is a necessary security provision in GNSS open service, considering that more and more infrastructures rely on civilian GNSS signals, and several cryptographicExpand
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A Preliminary Apportionment of Safety Targets for Virtual Balise Detection using GNSS in Future Evolutions of ERTMS
This paper presents the results of a preliminary apportionment of safety targets for virtual balise detection using Global Navigation Satellite Systems. Expand
Unconditionally Secure Authentication and Integrity Protection for the Galileo Open Service Signal
The operational GNSSs do not offer authentication and integrity protection for the Open Service (OS) signal/message. But it is urgently needed, since several attacks can threat the OS user. By thisExpand
Design of a digital FIR filter with minimum delay for BCI applications
The present thesis-work focuses on the BCI system implemented at the San Camillo Hospital (Venice) as a rehabilitative treatment. It is an alternative rehabilitative strategy, that applies an operantExpand
Impact analysis of SBAS authentication
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