Silvia Satorres Martínez

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This contribution presents a machine vision system capable of revealing, detecting and characterizing defects on non-plane transparent surfaces. Because in this kind of surface, transparent and opaque defects can be found, special lighting conditions are required. Therefore, the cornerstone of this machine vision is the innovative lighting system developed.(More)
This paper presents a novel lighting system to reveal surface defects on transparent parts with non-planar surface. Thanks to this system, the defect segmentation is straightforward and fast to compute and so a real-time inspection of these parts is possible. To aid in the conception of the imaging conditions, the lighting system is completely described and(More)
Many machine vision applications require manipulation of the acquired image to prepare it for processing. One type of pre-processing operation consists in identifying the areas of interest—or regions of interest (ROIs)—for the image analysis. But in occasions, the image areas to be analyzed may vary from one part to another. This is the case(More)
As a great part of the industrial inspection problems require specific, expensive, and highly complex solutions, there is the need to build flexible systems capable to be easily adapted to different models of a part. In this context, this paper proposes the use of a component-based methodology for designing and building flexible inspection systems for(More)
In this work, the conception, design and development of a prototype for the automatic assembly and dimensional correction of vehicle headlamps is presented. Firstly, we analyze different measurement systems that can be used to determine the position of the elements that compounds the headlamp; secondly, we show the main conclusions obtained from the(More)