Silvia Sanllorente

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A set of laboratory practices is proposed in which evaluation of the quality of the analytical measurements is incorporated explicitly by applying systematically suitable methodology for extracting the useful information contained in chemical data. Non-parametric and robust techniques useful for detecting outliers have been used to evaluate different(More)
A new strategy to approach multiresponse optimization in conjunction to a D-optimal design for simultaneously optimizing a large number of experimental factors is proposed. The procedure is applied to the determination of biogenic amines (histamine, putrescine, cadaverine, tyramine, tryptamine, 2-phenylethylamine, spermine and spermidine) in swordfish by(More)
Primary aromatic amines, PAAs, and their derivatives constitute a health risk and control of their migration from food contact materials is the subject of permanent attention by the authorities. 25.1% of notifications made by Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed in the European Union between 2010 and 2015 concerned PAAs, polyamide cooking utensils being a(More)
Multicriteria optimization, widely used in engineering, does not much used in the optimization of analytical signals. The aim of this paper is to show the usefulness of the desirability function to optimize instrumental responses obtained in instrumental analysis. The simultaneous optimization of a signal and of its variability is a generic question of(More)
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