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Aging and aerobic exercise are two conditions known to interfere with health and quality of life, most likely by inducing oxidative stress to the organism. We studied the effects of aging on the morphological and functional properties of skeletal, cardiac, and intestinal muscles and their corresponding oxidative status in C57BL/6 mice and investigated(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to demonstrate a possible relationship between anti-latency-associated peptide human latent transforming growth factor beta 1 (latent TGF-β1) expression in megakaryocytes and microvascular density in bone marrow biopsies from patients with essential thrombocythemia and primary myelofibrosis. METHODS Microvascular density(More)
Hypertension is one of the major precursors of atherosclerotic vascular disease, and vascular smooth muscle abnormal cell replication is a key feature of plaque formation. The present study was conducted to examine the relationship between hypertension and smooth muscle cell proliferation after balloon injury and to correlate neointima formation with(More)
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