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—This paper presents a joint study of several inter-cell interference coordination strategies considering both static and dynamic approaches, and with different adjustments in their basic parameters. A wide evaluation is presented with special emphasis on the efficiency vs. fairness tradeoff. Besides, additional performance metrics have been considered as(More)
—3GPP LTE is the evolution of UMTS which will make possible to deliver next generation high quality multimedia services according to the users' expectations. The flexibility of the downlink OFDM radio interface with Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC), MIMO and H-ARQ plays a crucial role in achieving the low latency and high spectral efficiency promised by(More)
—The green communications paradigm has been receiving much attention in wireless networks in recent years. More specifically, in the context of cellular communications, the concept of Cell Switch Off (CSO) has been recognized as a promising approach to reduce the energy consumption. The need is expected to be pressing especially in the next decade with the(More)
This paper focuses in the analysis of 100% static and distributed inter-cell interference coordination techniques in the context of LTE networks. Several methods have been modeled and studied with the aim of deriving practical radio planning rules based on the joint effect of operational parameters and thresholds. The investigation places special emphasis(More)
The transport block error rate (BLER) is an important indicator of the link quality in UTRA. For every kind of service in UTRA a BER or BLER threshold, that still satisfies the desired quality, can be specified. Then, the target E b /N 0 for that service is the mean E b /N 0 necessary to guarantee the specified BER or BLER threshold. The knowledge of the(More)
— Dynamic optimization of UMTS systems has been gaining a growing interest by the research community. In this context, the current paper concentrates on dynamic automated tuning of RRM parameters to detect whether the uplink or the downlink is the limiting link and force a reconfiguration to balance both and maximize capacity. Modifications of the soft(More)