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The effects of a relaxation technique (RT) on anxiety, vital signs, procedure length, and amount of diazepam given were examined in patients undergoing cardiac catheterization (CC). Forty patients were randomly assigned to an experimental (RT) or a control (no RT) group. No significant differences were found between groups in pre-CC or post-CC State-Trait(More)
A total of 368 episodes of Klebsiella bacteremia occurred in 330 cancer patients, representing a rate of four episodes per 1000 hospital admissions. Eighty-eight percent of these infections were acquired nosocomically and 58% of the patients received antibiotics during the preceding 10-day period. There was pulmonary infection in 24% of the patients, shock(More)
Hydrodesulfurized kerosine (HDS kerosine), applied dermally, was tested for reproductive and developmental toxicity in Sprague-Dawley rats, using a modified OECD Guideline 421, Reproductive/Developmental Toxicity Screening Protocol. A preliminary acute dermal irritancy test demonstrated that dilution of HDS kerosine in either a light (100 Saybolt universal(More)
Taeniasis diagnosis is an important step in the control and elimination of both cysticercosis and taeniasis. We report the development of 2 serological taeniasis diagnostic tests using recombinant antigens rES33 and rES38 expressed by baculovirus in insect cells in an EITB format. In laboratory testing with defined sera from nonendemic areas, rES33 has a(More)
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