Silvia Rodríguez-García

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Familial partial lipodystrophy are Mendelian disorders involving abnormal body fat distribution and insulin resistance. The current classification includes the Köbberling syndrome (type 1 familial partial lipodystrophy), characterized by fat loss in the lower limbs and abnormal fat accumulation in other areas. Type 1 familial partial lipodystrophy appears(More)
OBJECTIVE PELD (Progressive Encephalopathy with or without Lipodystrophy or Celia's Encephalopathy) is a fatal and rare neurodegenerative syndrome associated with the BSCL2 mutation c.985C>T, that results in an aberrant transcript without the exon 7 (Celia seipin). The aim of this study was to evaluate both the process of cellular senescence and the effect(More)
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