Silvia Queipo Abad

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We have found clear evidence of direct adsorption of mercury in human hair after the occupational exposure to mercury vapour. We have performed both longitudinal analysis of human hair by laser ablation ICP-MS and speciation analysis by gas chromatography ICP-MS in single hair strands of 5 individuals which were occupationally exposed to high levels of(More)
We report the first common methodology for the simultaneous determination of methylmercury (MeHg), ethylmercury (EtHg), and inorganic mercury (Hg(II)) in human blood hair and urine. With the exception of the initial sample mass (0.15 g for blood, 0.5 g for urine, and 0.1 g for hair), the same sample preparation and gas chromatography-inductively coupled(More)
The aims of the work were to detect and quantify hexavalent chromium in 14 soil samples from an area in Lombardia (northern Italy) contaminated by two polluted water plumes. Cr(VI) was extracted from the solid samples by applying focused microwaves in an alkaline medium after Cr(III) complexation with EDTA. Cr(VI) was reduced to Cr(III) when previously(More)
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