Silvia Poles

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The NBI-NLPQLP optimization method is tested on several multi-objective optimization problems. Its performance is compared to that of MOGA-II: since NBI-NLPQLP is based on the classical gradientbased NLPQLP, it is fast and accurate, but not as robust, in comparison with the genetic algorithm. Furthermore a discontinuous Pareto frontier can give rise to(More)
This chapter provides a description of multiobjective optimization software with a general overview of selected few available tools developed in the last decade. This chapter can be considered a revision of previous valid papers and chapters on nonlinear multiobjective optimization software such as the ones written by Weistroffer et al. (2005) and Miettinen(More)
Robust design optimization is a modeling methodology, combined with a suite of computational tools, which is aimed to solve problems where some kind of uncertainty occurs in the data or in the model. This paper explores robust optimization complexity in the multiobjective case, describing a new approach by means of Polynomial Chaos expansions (PCE). The aim(More)
This paper introduces a procedure for using genetic multi-objective optimization in yacht design. The problem described consists on the optimization of a bulb shape to improve the performance of the yacht. The two objectives considered are the minimization of the drag in calm water together with the minimization of the Vertical Center of Gravity (VCG), all(More)
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