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Bridging entanglement dynamics and chaos in semiclassical systems
It is widely recognized that entanglement generation and dynamical chaos are intimately related in semiclassical models via the process of decoherence. In this paper, we propose a unifying framework
Origin of the slow growth of entanglement entropy in long-range interacting spin systems
Long-range interactions allow far-distance quantum correlations to build up very fast. Nevertheless, numerical simulations demonstrated a dramatic slowdown of entanglement entropy growth after a
Multipartite entanglement after a quantum quench
We study the multipartite entanglement of a quantum many-body system undergoing a quantum quench. We quantify multipartite entanglement through the quantum Fisher information (QFI) density and we are
Scrambling and entanglement spreading in long-range spin chains
We study scrambling in connection to multipartite entanglement dynamics in regular and chaotic long-range spin chains, characterized by a well defined semi-classical limit. For regular dynamics,
Multipartite Entanglement Structure in the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis.
It is found that the expression of the QFI bounds the corresponding canonical expression from above, which implies that although average values and fluctuations of local observables are indistinguishable from their canonical counterpart, the entanglement structure of the state is starkly different; with the difference amplified in the proximity of a thermal phase transition.
Quantum echo dynamics in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model
Understanding the footprints of chaos in quantum-many-body systems has been under debate for a long time. In this work, we study the echo dynamics of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick (SK) model with
Out-of-time-order correlations and the fine structure of eigenstate thermalization.
It is shown explicitly, by an extensive numerical analysis of the statistics of operator matrix elements in conjunction with a detailed study of OTOC dynamics, that the OTOC is indeed a precise tool to explore the fine details of the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis.
Quantum bounds and fluctuation-dissipation relations
In recent years, there has been intense attention on the constraints posed by quantum mechanics on the dynamics of the correlation at low temperatures, triggered by the postulation and derivation of
Logarithmic growth of entanglement entropy in out-of-equilibrium long-range systems
In this work, we derive the analytical relation between bipartite entanglement entropy and collective spin-squeezing in long-range spin systems in and out of equilibrium, and use it to elucidate the
Entanglement entropy of the long-range Dyson hierarchical model
We study the ground state entanglement entropy of the quantum Dyson hierarchical spin chain in which the interaction decays algebraically with the distance as $r^{-1-\sigma}$. We exploit the