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To evaluate the performance of experienced versus inexperienced radiologists in comparison and in consensus with an interactive computer-aided detection (CAD) system for detection of pulmonary nodules. Eighteen consecutive patients (mean age: 62.2 years; range 29–83 years) prospectively underwent routine 16-row multislice computed tomography (MSCT). Four(More)
The goal of this prospective study was to compare a full-field digital mammography system (FFDM) to a conventional screen-film mammography system (SFM) for the detection and characterization of microcalcifications. Fifty-five patients with 57 isolated microcalcification clusters were examined using a FFDM system (Senographe 2000D, GE Medical Systems,(More)
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of a computer-assisted diagnostic (CAD) tool using various reconstruction slice thicknesses (RST). Image data of 20 patients undergoing multislice CT for pulmonary metastasis were reconstructed at 4.0, 2.0 and 0.75 mm RST and assessed by two blinded radiologists (R1 and R2) and CAD. Data were(More)
A case of a large low-grade mixed clear-cell and conventional chondrosarcoma of the larynx is reported involving the paraglottic space, the cricoid and thyroid cartilage and characterized by an unusual long clinical course over 22 years, although multiple recurrences occurred without developing metastases. Computed tomography suggests diagnosis by detecting(More)
AIM To evaluate prospectively the influence of pulmonary nodule characteristics on detection performances of a computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) tool and experienced chest radiologists using multislice CT (MSCT). MATERIALS AND METHODS MSCT scans of 20 consecutive patients were evaluated by a CAD system and two independent chest radiologists for presence of(More)
PURPOSE Our goal was to compare digital magnification mammograms with images zoomed from the digital contact mammogram in patients with microcalcifications. PATIENTS AND METHODS Fifty-five patients with 57 microcalcification clusters were evaluated with a FFDM system (Senographe 2000D, GE). In addition to a digital contact mammogram, a digital direct(More)
PURPOSE Presentation and evaluation of slice sensitivity profile and pixel noise of multi-slice CT in comparison to single-slice CT. METHODS Slice sensitivity profiles and pixel noise of a multi-slice CT equipped with a 2D matrix detector array and of a single-slice CT were evaluated in phantom studies. RESULTS For the single-slice CT the width of the(More)
The kidney, bladder and male urethra are the organs typically injured by blunt and penetrating trauma to the urinary tract, whereas the ureter is only rarely injured. The staging of genitourinary tract trauma has recently gained tremendous significance due to improvements in ultrasound, CT and MRI, including contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography,(More)
UNLABELLED Acute diseases of the central arteries require an immediate investigation. An efficient, fast and reliable diagnosis is necessary because of the high mortality, if the patient remains untreated. These requirements are perfectly fulfilled by the new CT-techniques. METHODS Suspected aortic diseases were examined with a new multi-slice helical CT.(More)
Akute Erkrankungen der Aorta im Körperstamm stellen eine lebensbedrohliche Situation für den betroffenen Patienten dar, so daß ein rasches Handeln zwingend erforderlich ist. Voraussetzung hierfür ist eine leistungsfähige, schnelle und zuverlässige Diagostik, die von der neuen CT-Technik in nahezu idealer Weise realisiert werden kann. Methoden: Bei(More)