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Automatic emotion recognition from speech has matured close to the point where it reaches broader commercial interest. One of the last major limiting factors is the ability to deal with multilingual inputs as will be given in a real-life operating system in many if not most cases. As in real-life scenarios speech is often used mixed across languages more(More)
We present a study of the prosody – seen in a broader sense – that supports the theory of the interrelationship function of speech. " Pure emotions " are meant to show a relationship of the speaker with the general context. The analysis goes beyond the basic prosody, as related to pitch trajectory; namely, the analysis also aims to determine the change in(More)
This paper presents an efficient segmentation method which uses simple neural network architecture. The goal was to implement an automatic annotation instrument of the vocal signal, capable to make the separation between vowel and consonant signal, respectively pauses between utterances. This instrument is used in the features extraction from the vowels(More)
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