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We studied the diagnostic accuracy of carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) and cancer antigen 15.3 (CA 15.3) in detecting breast cancer recurrence. Biomarker follow-up determinations, made over 900 patients, were related to local-regional or distant recurrence using statistical models for longitudinal data. The diagnostic accuracy was quantified in terms of(More)
BACKGROUND Osteopontin (OPN) is a plasma protein/cytokine produced in excess in several malignancies. In a recent study OPN was reported as being related to the duration of asbestos exposure and presence of benign asbestos-related diseases; however, it was unclear whether this protein was an indicator of exposure or effect. METHODS In 193 workers, 50 with(More)
The Nanosized Cancer Polymarker Biochip Project (RBLA03S4SP) funded by an Italian MIUR-FIRB grant (Italian Ministry of University and Research - Investment Funds for Basic Research) has led to the creation of a free-access dynamic website, available at the web address https://serviziweb.ulss12.ve.it/firbabo, and of a centralized database with(More)
Title: Osteopontin, asbestos exposure and pleural plaques: a cross-sectional study Authors: Giuseppe Mastrangelo (giuseppe.mastrangelo@unipd.it) Gianluca Marangi (gianluca.marangi@libero.it) Maria N Ballarin (Nicoletta.Ballarin@ulss12.ve.it) Silvia Michilin (Silvia.Michilin@ulss12.ve.it) Aline SC Fabricio (aline.fabricio@ulss12.ve.it) Flavio Valentini
BACKGROUND Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) is the main transport protein of sex steroids. This study evaluated the analytical performance of the recently developed Access SHBG assay (Beckman Coulter) and compared it with other commercial methods for the determination of serum SHBG. Clinical validation was also performed. METHODS Analytical performance(More)
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