Silvia Meggiolaro

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Union dissolution is a constantly increasing phenomenon across Europe – even in Italy where the prevalence of divorce has always been among the lowest. This poses several questions on the consequences which such an event can have on the families involved. Many studies show that women usually undergo the worst financial consequences, although there are few(More)
Using a sample of Italian women interviewed in 2003 in the survey “Family and Social Subject,” this paper investigates two issues: (1) how a woman’s family life-course (union status and parity/ages of children born in the first marriage) influences the risk of a post-dissolution birth among separated women; and (2) how the experience of a marital disruption(More)
The literature has suggested that students’ progress at university is influenced by their personal characteristics; this paper examines whether these factors act differently according to the study fields of degree courses in which students are enrolled. In particular, the factors influencing the various outcomes of the university programme (withdrawals,(More)
In a situation of low fertility like that operating nowadays, studying the determinants of reproductive behaviour is very important. In a context such asWestern industrialized one, in which birth control induces a feature of consciousness into fertility conduct, reproductive intentions have a fundamental role. This paper examines the mechanism which leads(More)
BACKGROUND With the diffusion of marital instability, the number of children who spend some of their childhood without one of their parents has become significant, even in Italy. Therefore, given the importance of parent-child interactions for children’s wellbeing, analyzing children’s contact with the non-resident parent has become relevant. OBJECTIVE In(More)
Family resources may play an important role in the wellbeing of the elderly. In this paper, we examine the association between living arrangements and cognitive decline among people over 65 in nine European countries under the hypothesis that living with others (i.e. spouse or/and children) vis –àvis living alone may have positive effects on maintaining(More)
The process of union formation and the context of childrearing have profoundly changed with the spread of cohabitation in the last few decades. It is only recently that some attention has been paid to the implications of these changes for family ties. This study considers, with reference to Italy, a specific relationship between individuals in couples and(More)
In cats, most of the times, hind limb lameness with separation of the femoral capital epiphysis is due to traumatic injury. In veterinary medicine, it has been described as feline physeal dysplasia characterized by an atraumatic lesion of the physeal cartilage, and it has been also reported in human medicine as slipped capital femoral epiphysis. This(More)
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