Silvia Mateu Escudero

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Lifelong self-renewal of the adult intestinal epithelium requires the activity of stem cells located in mucosal crypts. Lgr5 and Bmi1 are two molecular markers of crypt-cell populations that replenish all lineages over time and hence function as stem cells. Intestinal stem cells require Wnt signaling, but the understanding of their cellular niche is(More)
MCL-1 is an antiapoptotic BCL-2 family protein that has emerged as a major pathogenic factor in human cancer. Like BCL-2, MCL-1 bears a surface groove whose function is to sequester the BH3 killer domains of proapoptotic BCL-2 family members, a mechanism harnessed by cancer cells to establish formidable apoptotic blockades. Although drugging the BH3-binding(More)
Activating mutations in the Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog (KRAS) underlie the pathogenesis and chemoresistance of ∼ 30% of all human tumors, yet the development of high-affinity inhibitors that target the broad range of KRAS mutants remains a formidable challenge. Here, we report the development and validation of stabilized alpha helices of son(More)
Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) use in non-approved indications, the increase in consumption and its high cost recommend rationalisation in its utilisation. To assess the use of IVIG in Spanish hospitals. An observational, prospective and multicentre drug utilisation study was conducted in 13 tertiary Spanish hospitals. Data were collected for 3 months in(More)
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