Silvia Masera

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Gray matter (GM) lesions are recognized as important components of the pathology of multiple sclerosis (MS), and involvement of the deep gray matter (DGM) is suggested by magnetic resonance imaging. The aims of this study were to determine the frequency and distribution of lesions and characterize the inflammatory and neurodegenerative changes in DGM of MS(More)
The issue of fertility in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) has not been exhaustively studied. Epidemiological data have suggested that spontaneous fecundity might be reduced; several endocrine and sexual disturbances potentially interfering with reproduction have been evidenced in MS patients of both sexes. Moreover, some medical treatments used in MS(More)
BACKGROUND Progranulin (PGRN) is a fundamental neurotrophic factor, and is also involved in inflammation and wound repair. PGRN may have pro- or anti-inflammatory properties, depending upon proteolysis of the anti-inflammatory parent PGRN protein and the generation of pro-inflammatory granulin peptides. OBJECTIVES Our objectives were as follows: (1) to(More)
BACKGROUND Recovery from multiple sclerosis (MS) relapses is variable. The factors influencing persistence of residual disability (RD) after a relapse are still to be thoroughly elucidated. AIMS OF STUDY To assess RD after MS relapses and to define the factors associated with persistence of RD. METHODS Data were retrospectively collected for all(More)
A chemical study of normal Galactic C(N) carbon stars is presented. Abundances of Li, CNO isotopes and s-elements are derived. The derived abundances of s-elements nicely agree with theoretical sprocess nucleosynthesis predictions during the AGB phase. However, the figures obtained for Li and the C/C ratios might imply the existence of a non-standard mixing(More)
The effect of sub-chronic exposure of intraperitoneal (i.p.) injections of microcystin-LR (MC-LR) on microscopic tissue architecture, hepatic function and lipid peroxidation has been studied in liver and kidney of mice. Mice were treated i.p. with 25 microg of pure MC-LR/kg body weight or saline solution for 1 month (every 2 days) with the aim of producing(More)
BACKGROUND Multiple sclerosis (MS) frequently affects women of childbearing age. While short-term effects of pregnancy on MS course are well-known, whether pregnancy may influence long-term disability progression is debated. METHODS A two-centre retrospective study to investigate long-term effect of pregnancy on disability was performed in a population of(More)
European and Italian laws establish that agglomerations of more than 100 000 inhabitants must adopt an action plan in order to manage noise issues and effects. The plan aim is to reduce population exposure to environmental noise, which is defined as the outdoor sound created by human activities, including noise emitted by road traffic, rail traffic and air(More)