Silvia Mara Abrahão

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Context: In recent years, many Usability Evaluation Methods (UEMs) have been employed to<lb>evaluate Web applications. However, many of these applications still do not meet most customers’<lb>usability expectations and many companies have folded as a result of not considering Web<lb>usability issues. No studies currently exist with regard to either the use(More)
Model-Driven Development (MDD) emphasizes the use of models at a higher abstraction level in the software development process and argues in favor of automation via model execution, transformation, and code generation. However, one current challenge is how to manage requirements during this process whilst simultaneously stressing the benefits of automation.(More)
Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) has recently attracted interest of both research community and industry corporations. It specifies an automated process of developing interactive applications from high-level models to code generation. This approach can play a key role in the fields of Software Engineering (SE) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). However,(More)
Due to the increasing interest in the model driven architecture (MDA) paradigm, the conceptual models have become the backbone of the software development process. So far some methods exist to develop a user interface according to a MDA-compliant method, none of them explicitly connects usability to their process activities. In this paper, we present a(More)
Usability evaluations should start early in the Web development process and occur repeatedly throughout all stages to ensure the quality of the Web application, not just when the product is completed. This paper presents a Web Usability Model, which is aligned with the SQuaRE standard, to evaluate usability at several stages of a Web development process(More)
It is widely accepted that software measures provide an appropriate mechanism for understanding, monitoring, controlling, and predicting the quality of software development projects. In software product lines (SPL), quality is even more important than in a single software product since, owing to systematic reuse, a fault or an inadequate design decision(More)