Silvia M. Farani Costa

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Measuring physical activity (PA) and sedentary time (ST) in young children (<5 years) is complex. Objective measures have high validity but require specialist expertise, are expensive, and can be burdensome for participants. A proxy-report instrument for young children that accurately measures PA and ST is needed. The aim of this study was to assess the(More)
This work presents results on axonal arborization identification in cell culture of neurons from Helix aspersa with the use of the directional image method. We implemented the algorithm initially proposed for fingerprint recognition and classification, and adapted this idea to axonal classification and measure.
This work presents a simpler method to obtain fingerprint classification by mean of directional map smoothing developed in C++ programming language through statistical techniques. That strategy allows to extract attributes of an image to increase the quality because it is possible to reduce the noise if compared with the result obtained by mean other method(More)
BACKGROUND The reported lower physical activity (PA) levels of British South Asians (SA) are suggested as a key influence in their increased risk of non-communicable diseases compared to their White British peers. Differences in objectively measured PA and sedentary behaviour (SB) between these ethnic groups have been observed during childhood (ages: 8-10(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine whether previously identified childhood risk factors for bulimia or compulsive eating (BCE) predict self-reported lifetime BCE by age 30 years in a prospective birth cohort. METHOD Using data from the 1970 British Cohort Study at birth, 5, and 10 years, associations between 22 putative childhood risk factors and self-reported lifetime(More)
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