Silvia Luchian

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Between 1950 and 1979 approximately 2400 patients with thyropathies have been operated in the I-st Surgical Clinic of Jassy. Of these 100 had cervico-mediastinal goiters, of which 79 were of the plunging cervico-mediastinal type, 18 were of the mediastino-cervical type and 3 were mediastinal goiters. The surgical treatment was applied in 98 patients,(More)
This paper presents a method for enhancing the performance of current clustering algorithms; the method is based on Particle Swarm Optimization techniques. Namely, a preprocessing step aims at bringing rdquocloserrdquo objects which are likely to belong to the same cluster, while increasing the distance between objects likely to belong to different(More)
Out of a group of 361 patients with various anatomo-clinical forms of hyperthyroidia--of which 328 had underwent surgery--hospitalized in the Surgical Clinic from Jassy between 1965 and 1974, a total of 17 observations are analised, from the clinical and the therapeutical viewpoint, that showed postoperative thyreotoxicosis crisis. The fact is stressed that(More)
We are presenting a case which had five operations with the central point being the microsurgery. The patient is admitted in our unit 48 ours after sustaining a complex trauma of the left forearm with cvasicomplete destruction of the volar muscles, defects on cubital and radial vasculo-nervous axes and the median nerve. Upon arrival we performed the staged(More)