Silvia Lucano-Landeros

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BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to assess whether two-years treatment with Pirfenidone influences necroinflammation, fibrosis and steatosis, serum levels of TGF-β1, IL-6, TNF-α and CB1 and CB2 gene expression, in patients with chronic hepatitis C (CHC). METHODS Twenty-eight patients out of 34 with CHC virus infection were enrolled in the study and(More)
Pirfenidone (PFD) is a non-peptide synthetic molecule issued as a broad-spectrum anti-fibrotic drug with the ability to decrease TGF-β1, TNF-α, PDGF and COL1A1 expression, which is highly related to prevent or remove excessive deposition of scar tissue in several organs. Basic and clinical evidence suggests that PFD may safely slow or inhibit the(More)
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