Silvia Liberata Ullo

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Image registration is a process encountered in many science fields wherein two or more images are acquired by different sensors, at different positions or times. In the context of remote sensing, image registration is a key step in change detection algorithms, SAR interferometry and data fusion. Basically, it involves four steps: (a) global registration,(More)
Multispectral sensors using array of detectors are affected by striping, an artifact that appears as a series of horizontal bright or dark periodic lines in the remotely sensed images. Nonlinearities and memory effect of detectors are the main causes of the striping problem that is not effectively corrected in the onboard or postprocessing calibration(More)
This paper introduces the concept of Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) in fire detection for multispectral satellite data. A new algorithm is proposed, based on a technique successfully applied for detection of extended objects in High Resolution SAR images. It compares the pixel under analysis with an adaptive threshold, suitably estimated from the pixels(More)