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Monosodium glutamate (MSG) administered to neonatal rats during the first week of life induces a neurodegenerative process, which is represented by several neurochemical alterations of surviving(More)
Monosodium l-glutamate (MSG) was administered subcutaneously to male neonatal rats, and the effect on developmental profile of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), D1, D2 receptors, and dopamine (DA)(More)
Microdialysis coupled to HPLC is the preferred method for quantification of glutamate (Glu) concentrations, both in normal and pathological conditions. However, HPLC is a time consuming technique(More)
Glutamate measurement in microdialysis samples has primarily been determined using HPLC methods, and several attempts have been made to establish a relationship between this neurotransmitter and EEG(More)