Silvia Groß

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This paper presents an ontologically founded basic architecture for information systems, which are intended to capture, represent, and maintain metadata for various domains of clinical and epidemiological research. Clinical trials exhibit an important basis for clinical research, and the accurate specification of metadata and their documentation and(More)
The covalent incorporation of inorganic building blocks into a polymer matrix to obtain stable and robust materials is a widely used concept in the field of organic-inorganic hybrid materials, and encompasses the use of different inorganic systems including (but not limited to) nanoparticles, mono-and polynuclear metal complexes and clusters, polyhedral(More)
Fusion energy research has in the past 40 years focused primarily on the tokamak concept, but recent advances in plasma theory and computational power have led to renewed interest in stellarators. The largest and most sophisticated stellarator in the world, Wendelstein 7-X (W7-X), has just started operation, with the aim to show that the earlier weaknesses(More)
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