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INTRODUCTION Regenerative medicine is an emerging and rapidly evolving field of research and therapy, thanks to new discoveries on stem cells. Adipose tissue is a connective tissue which contains a reserve of mesenchymal stem cells. Clinical improvements in trophic characteristics of teguments after autologous fat graft are well described in literature. In(More)
OBJECTIVE To test feasibility, safety, and efficacy of local transplant of stromal fraction of adipose tissue in the treatment of chronic headaches of cervical origin. BACKGROUND Chronic headaches of cervical origin (chronic cervicogenic headache and occipital neuralgia) are characterized by persistent pain due to the involvement of the great occipital(More)
The exact prevalence of tuberous breast deformity (TBD) has not been properly investigated and still remains undetermined. We report our data about TBD prevalence with the aim of demonstrating its high prevalence. A retrospective analysis was performed on preoperative photographs of 1600 Caucasian female patients admitted to our department from January 2009(More)
Parallel to its life-threatening nature, breast cancer can affect physical integrity, having a psychosocial impact on patients. Determining the optimal proportion of patients who should undergo breast reconstruction after cancer surgery represents a complex task. What seems to be unquestionable is that the ability to offer reconstruction and a wide range of(More)
Breast cancer represents the most frequent cancer in female population. Nowadays breast conservative surgery (BCS) is an accepted option for breast malignancies, and its indications has been extended thanks to the advent of oncoplastic surgery, reducing both mastectomy and re-excision rate, avoiding at the same time breast deformities. From January 2008 to(More)
INTRODUCTION Surgical limb lengthening is undertaken to correct pathological short stature. Among the possible complications related to this procedure, painful and retractile scars are a cause for both functional and cosmetic concern. Our team has already shown the efficacy of autologous fat grafting in the treatment of scars with varying aetiology, so we(More)
The article focuses on the authors' autologous fat grafting technique and its application in regenerative treatment of different scars and ulcers. Although easy to perform, this surgical approach requires some technical procedures and specific management to maximize its effectiveness which are highlighted in the article. In the authors' experience,(More)
Several classification systems have been reported to define the spectrum of tuberous breast deformity, and a range of surgical techniques has been described. In this paper, we proposed a new classification including tuberous breast and minor deformity based on stenosis type, glandular trophism and ptosis adapting surgical planning to different breast types.(More)