Silvia Fernandes

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The adoption of business process improvement strateg approaches to quality and service improvement and optimization enables organizations to achieve business ob in achieving the goal of improving overall efficiency in th avoiding costly downtime. However, there have bee management. This paper presents a case study about main an airport.
In a previous meeting, we described a computational approach to MRI morphometry, in which a spatial warp mapping a reference or atlas image into anatomic alignment with the subject is rst inferred. Shape diierences with respect to the atlas are then studied by calculating the pointwise Jacobian determinant for the warp, which provides a measure of the(More)
The evolution of internet created new opportunities for small and medium enterprises (SME), among which are social networks. This work aims at analyzing the potential of these networks for the SME in Algarve, creating a questionnaire for the purpose. The empirical study revealed that some firms have already an integrated business strategy with social(More)
The CeO2 nanorods (CeNR) promote the oxidation of ethylbenzene (PhEt) and cyclohexene with t-BuOOH, at temperatures as low as 55 degrees C. For both substrates the saturated C-H bonds are preferentially activated over the unsaturated ones. The catalyst seems fairly stable towards leaching phenomena. The liquid-phase oxidation catalysis may be associated(More)
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